Best Eyelash Extensions Styles For Different Eye Shapes.

eyelash extensions styles chart

It’s a fundamental skill for lash artists to figure out your client’s eye shape and then recommend the correct eyelash extensions styles to them. Honestly, it’s not easy work, especially for beginners.

This article will teach you about different eye shapes and which type of eyelash extensions will be the best choice.

Let’s begin our eyelash extensions styles guide.

Types Of Eyelash Extensions Styles

Eyelash extensions are a handmade craft art, so there are thousands of styles created by lash artists.

Here, we want to share the most popular eyelash extension styles. They are the basic types. You can create personal styles according to your client’s eye shape, face, and natural lashes.

Baby Doll Eyelash Extensions

Doll eye eyelash extension is a middle style between natural and open eyelash extensions, which offers an open look and makes your eyes look bigger.

Artists apply the longest lashes at the center of the lash map, and that area is wider than open eyelash extensions. The shortest lashes at the inner and outer corners usually use a few long lashes.

Doll eye

Cat Eye Eyelashes Extensions

Cat Eye eyelash extensions are the most popular styles in recent years. In this style, lash artists apply the shortest lashes at the inner corner and gradually add length to the outer corner. Clients will get an elongated eye. Please note you should use slightly short lashes at the very end of the outer corner. Otherwise, your eyes will look droopy.

Cat eye

Open Eye Eyelash Extensions

Open eye eyelash extensions offer a round and open eye look. We recommend you use long lashes at the center of the eyelid to add volume and length and tapering sharp down at each side to create intense graduation. They’re close to the doll eyelash extension style, but they’re often a symmetrical graduation.

Open eye

Kitten Eye Eyelash Extensions

The style of the kitten eye eyelash extensions makes your client’s eyes look more open and bigger. Yeah, it’s similar to the cat eye eyelash extensions, but the longest lashes are in the eyebrow’s arch instead of the outer corner. Then taper down at the outer corner to shorter lashes. The inner corner still keeps the shortest lashes. You can create a beautiful open look with a slightly longer length but not make your eyes look too round or droopy to your clients.

Kitten eye eyelash extensions

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Natural eyelash extensions keep the lashes in a natural look. You must follow the situation of the client’s natural lashes to choose the lash length, curl, and thickness that best enhances natural lashes. This styling will help emphasize the natural eyelashes.

Natural eyelash extensions

Wispy Eyelash Extensions

Wispy eyelash extensions are also called Kim k. lashes. Lashes in different lengths are applied, creating a Kardashian’s wispy lashes with noticeable spikes. This lash style gives clients a stunning volume and looks pretty dramatic.

Another trendy look on social media is Anime lashes. They are popular among young people. And many platforms retail this style with simple silk strip lashes.

Good for: almost any eye shape, for people who want a dramatic look

Not suitable for: small and close-set eyes

wispy eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions Styles Chart

eyelash extensions styles types

How to choose the best Eyelash Extensions styles for a Client’s Eyes?

As a lash artist, you must judge what kind of eyelash extensions are best suited when your clients enter the door. Then you can create a charming and personalized lash style for them. Before deciding on eyelash extension styles for clients, you must consider some factors.

Eye Shape

It’s the number 1 factor to consider.

The shape of the client’s eyes builds the foundation for your eyelash extension style recommendation.

Eye Size

The size of the eyes can be referred to as large, average, or small.

Eye Proportion

The proportion refers to the distance between your eyes. If it’s far, we call it wide-set eyes. If it’s close, we call it close-set eyes.

Eye Structure

Eyes are set deep into the eye cavity. They’re deep-set. People have a small orbital bone and bridge with their noses. They have shallow-set eyes.

Growth Direction Of Lashes

There are three main directions: straight, upturned, or downturned.

The direction of lash growth is important for judging which lashes curls you can use.

Recommendation Of Eyelash Extensions Styles For Different Eye Shapes

Eye shape chart

Round Eyes

Round eyes are large and open. They do not taper at the inner or outer corners and have the same height as the length.

Recommended styles:

  1. Natural eyelash extensions are the ideal shape.
  2. Cat eye eyelash extensions. Because it can add length to the eyes and make your client’s eyes look like Almond shape.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are the most common eye shape. They are shaped like an almond. The eye length is greater than the height, and the outer edge of the cornea may be hidden beneath the eyelids. Any eyelash styles will be matched this eye shape. So there are many choices for you.

Recommended styles:

  1. Natural eyelash extensions. It’s a good option for daily makeup.
  2. Open eye or Doll eye eyelash extensions. These styles are recommended if your clients like a big, dramatic, volume eye look. Mixed with colored eyelash extensions will be the best choice for lash addicts.
  3. Cat eye eyelash extensions. Enhancing the eyes’ length gives clients a very alluring and mysterious eye look.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have extra skin above the crease of the eyes. The skin can vary greatly. Some are slightly indistinguishable hoods. Some are overlapping hoods. So the eyelid is hidden under the brow bone.

Recommended styles:

  1. Open eye eyelash extensions. You can add volume and length at the center of the eyes to archive an open and depth eye look.
  2. Long wispy eyelash extensions. This style can add length and fullness to the center of the eye and offer clients a more dramatic and voluminous look.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes do not have a visible crease but occur precisely at the lash line. This eye shape usually has straight lashes. You can choose curler lashes to add a dramatic look.

Recommended styles:

  1. Baby doll eye eyelash extensions. This lash style can make an open eye shape for your clients.
  2. Wispy eyelash extensions. Wispy cat eyelash extensions are also a great choice to open and elongate eyes.
  3. Natural eyelash extensions. Just simple, not personalized.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are one type of almond eyes, as the outer corners are lifted higher than the inner corner.

People with this eye shape can hold most eyelash styles gorgeously!

Recommended styles:

  1. Doll eye eyelash extensions. This style works for more open and rounded eyes for clients.
  2. Cat eye eyelash extensions. Clients who love extra drama and gorgeous eye look.
  3. Natural eyelash extensions. For a natural lash look.

Downturned Eyes

The opposite of upturned eyes, this eye shape is featured as the outer corner is lower than the inner corner of the eye. Because of the dropping edges, you should use the tech to lift at the outer corner.

Recommended styles:

  1. Kitten eye eyelash extensions. You can create volume on the upper outer corner to lift the eyes.
  2. Cat eye eyelash extensions. This style can easily create a dramatic look for clients. But you should not use lashes over 14mm at the outer corner edge. Otherwise, it exaggerates the downcast drop.

Wide-Set Eyes

If the eye width is smaller than the distance between your eyes, you have a wide set of eyes.

Recommended styles:

  1. Reverse cat eye eyelash extensions. You can create volume and length near the inner corner to make a closer look.
  2. Wispy eyelash extensions.
  3. Natural eyelash extensions.

Close-Set Eyes

Close-set eyes mean the distance between your eyes is small than the eye shape. Choose longer lashes at the outer corner to extend the eyes.

Recommended styles:

  1. Cat eye eyelash extensions. This style is the most popular to elongate your client’s eyes.
  2. Wispy eyelash extensions.
  3. Natural eyelash extensions.


Each person has different eyes and also has a different taste, so personalized eyelash style will always be there.

So, eyelash extensions styles vary, and choosing suitable types depends on many factors such as eye shape, natural eyelashes, brows, facial features, etc.

Yes, the lash techs, mapping for the different eye shapes, or choosing the right curls are also important.


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