Wispy Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need To Know


What are wispy cat eye eyelash extensions?

Wispy cat eyelash extensions are created by combining spikes with lash extension fans and applied with different lash lengths and curls. So wispy cat eye lashes are creating wispy lashes based on the cat eye lashes set.

What Eye Shape Is Good For Cat Eyelash Extensions?

Round eyes are the best shape for cat eyelash extensions. You can create a more almond and fly-looking. Your clients’ eyes would look bigger and more attractive.

How to create a wispy cat eye eyelash extensions map?

Since wispy cat eye eyelash extensions are combined with wispy lashes and cat eyelashes. So we can prepare them in two steps.

The first step, prepare spikes. You have two ways to get it.

  1. Handmade spikes via individual lashes or easy fan lashes as closed fans.
  2. Buy spike lash trays from the lash supplier factory.

The second step, prepare volume fans. There are three options for you.

  1. Individual volume lashes
  2. Easy fan lashes
  3. Premade volume lash fans

That’s handmade fans vs. premade volume fans. If you want to save more time or not accept volume lash extensions training, premade fans will be your best choice.

Select your lash trays for wispy cat eye eyelash extensions

Wispy cat eye lashes map collections.

We have collected some beautiful wispy cat eye lash maps for you.

Wispy cat eye lashes from @amelnerilashes


Wispy cat eye lashes from @thelashfoyer at London lash


Wispy cat eye lashes from @Eyesy Lash


Wispy cat eye lashes from @Sheila Garza

wispy-cat-eye-lash-map-Sheila Garza

Wispy cat eye lashes from@Londonlashusacanada


Wispy cat eye lashes from @thousandlashes


Wispy cat eye lashes from @ambarlashlounge


Wispy cat eye lashes from @ambarlashlounge


Wispy cat eye lashes from @Vlashfactory


Wispy cat eye lashes from @ambarlashlounge


Wispy cat eye lashes from @lashmagic



Anyway, Please check these essential tips when you create a wispy cat eye lashes map. You would make that succeed.

  • Spikes should be on the top layer of natural lashes.
  • Volume lash fans are on the second layer. And they are 2-5mm shorter than spikes. It would be better if you use wide fans.

Hope these tips help!!!


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