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Suppose you are new in the lash extensions industry and not yet trained in Russian volume lash sets, as this is a hard job when you handmade volume fans(Here is the difference).

If you want to speed up your volume lashing time, premade fans will help present luxury lash extensions at halftime only.

Best Premade fans supplier– Jemenow could offer you the best solutions for your business.


Why Use Premade Volume Fans?

Time is money. Premade fan lashes would save half-time on volume lashes sets for you and your clients when you use them. For example, it takes you about 2-2.5hrs on volume lash application for each client. If you use premade volume fans, you can finish this job within 1.5hrs. That means you can accept and serve more people daily, thus improving your income.

Easy to master. If you do not accept volume lash training, premade fans would be the best tool for you to offer volume lash service. Since they fanned already, you can use premade lashes just like applying classic lashes.

Premade lash tray price is high?  Yes, premade fan lashes have a higher price than handmade lashes. You use finished fans that would save nearly half the time. Lash artists’ time is limited each day, and dealing with many jobs, so the time cost is much higher than a few lash trays.

More options. We supply long stem lashes, short stem lashes, and pointy base lashes (slim and pinched base). No matter light volume, hybrid wispy, or mega volume lashes, you can create any lash style for your clients with premade lash fans only.

Why Order Premade Volume Fans From Jemenow?

Various Specifications

Our premade fan eyelash extensions come in various types. Long stem lashes, short stem lashes, pointy base lashes, spike premade fans. And you can find lashes from 2D to 20D to meet your different lash extension demands.

Quality Protection

We choose the best soft and black Korea PBT materials. The premade fan lash extensions' production process is under the standard operating procedure. Besides, we offer the inspection video before shipping your lashes.

Payment Protection

We could understand that situation when you place orders from a new eyelash extension supplier, so have a 30 days return policy. You can ask a return if there is any question about lash quality.

Delivery Guarantee

You do not like working with dishonest and unpunctual premade fans suppliers. We do not like it as well. Because we also order materials from our suppliers. We could send samples out within 24hrs. Bulk premade fan lashes delivery time is up to the quantity.

Custom Package

We offer support for your lash branding. Our professional designer team could provide solutions from the logo to package design. You can quickly get your best premade fan lashes brand.

Market Trend

We share the new market information about premade Russian fans for our clients and assist in developing business through market analysis. It's also our responsibility to grow together with our customers.

Need A Custom Eyelash Package To Boost Your Lash Business?

Send us your LOGO, and advise your idea. We offer a free Mock Up till you are satisfied!

That’s all!

custom premade fans package

Frequently Asked Questions About Premade Fans.

Premade fan lashes are bonded with 2-16 lashes in perfect fans by lash extension suppliers in advance, so you do not create lash fans. They help you finish volume eyelash extension sets, like classic lash extensions.

With these premade fan lashes, you can easily create hybrid lashes, Russian volume lashes (3D or 5D lash fans), and mega volume sets (10D volume fans and above), with half time only than handmade volume fans.

Premade fans, like the name, are pre-fanned by the lash supplier in the factory. Lash artists create handmade volume fans. Please find out more by reading our blog here.

Premade fans aren’t internally bad. You can successfully use premade fan lashes to start your lash business quickly. Because you still need much more time on handmade volume lash practice after a lash training course.

If your lash salon is busy, you can also use premade fans to speed up lash time for clients. Time is money. Excellent lash look, less time, and more income. Why not?

Long stem premade fans have a long base(square). They can create a dramatic and dense black eyeliner effect.

Short stem premade fans have a shorter base with a wider fan appearance. They are best for filling lash gaps with a fluffier look, like handmade Russian volume fans.

Middle stem (pointy base) premade fans are our new generation. They have slim and pinched longer bases, which makes your lash retention last longer.

The correct premade fans will be the best lashes for your clients. Clients need different lash styles, so you should choose different premade lash fans too.

You can use 3D, 4D, and 5D premade fan lashes for light volume lashes.

If you need to create fuller volume lashes, 6D, and 8D premade fans will be the best solutions.

Some clients prefer dramatic effects, then mega volume lashes with 10D, 12D, or 14D premade fans will be a great choice.

Yes, Jemenow has its R&D department to support any custom premade fan lashes. Including the lash fan width, curl, length, and thickness.

We offer private label lash extensions services to cater to eyelash brand manufacturers and retailers looking to sell premade fan lash extensions under their brand. Two main kinds of packages with your logo.

First, a plastic box with an insert card. You can print your logo and website on the card.

Second, ECO luxury magnetic boxes. You have more options for designing this kind of box.

Contact us to get a free design.

First, please provide the information that includes the thickness, curl, length, and how many lines per tray.

We will prepare lash samples accordingly, or you can test premade fan lash extension trays (for free) that we stored to shorten your waiting time.

Second, lash sample feedback.

Third, the bulk eyelash extensions order process, including the private label service and delivery affair.

Yes, we offer free premade fans for testing quality. Just contact us to grab samples.

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