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Short stem lashes have a short base with wide fans. They are the best premade lash fans to create fluffy lashes and fill the gaps.

Jemenow supplies short stem pre made fans to speed up your lashing time and help you accept more daily bookings.

All our short stem premade volume fans are made with 100% vegan lash fibres. It’s the softest quality from Korea. No matter the light volume or mega volume lashes you want to create. Our premade fans could help you make it like applying classic lashes.

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Korea PBT fiber










Matte Black



Private Label


Feature Of Short Stem Premade Fans

  • Korean PBT fibre
  • Matte Black
  • Lightweight
  • Foil back
  • Stable curl
  • No kink and residue
  • Short base with wide fan
  • 100% Vegan

Short Stem Lash Styles

According to the tape position, there are two styles of short stem premade fans. Bottom tape. Tape at the root. These short stem bases are thicker than middle tape. Middle tape. Middle tape short stem lashes have a thin base and more light.

short stem premade fans styles

How To Use Short Stem Premade Volume Fans

  1. Bottom tape short stem lashes have the same pick-up method as long stem lashes
  2. Middle tape short stem lashes need to pick up from the base.

how to pick up middle tape premade lashes

How To Wholesale Private Label Long Stem Lashes

premade fans package

Long Stem Lashes VS Short Stem Lashes

long stem vs short stem

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