Eyelash Extensions Private Label Service

Suppose you are looking for a professional eyelash extensions manufacturer for your private label lashes business, no looking further. Jemenow has a wealth of working experience on many brands in the eyelash industry.

Our professional design team could assist you in creating any eyelash package type or scan label requirement. Brother printing company ensures all your packages are finished in excellent and stable color appearance to protect your brand wealth.

What private label services do we offer?

  • Free logo design.
  • Customized card/barcode design.
  • Various polybag customizing.
  • Customized plastic boxes/ cardboard boxes packaging.

What's the private label lashes service process?

Step 1. Please choose a box type, and advise your demand details.

Step 2. That would be excellent if you already have a packaging guideline in a vector file. We will confirm the details and arrange for printing immediately. 

If you do not have a logo yet, our design team could assist you in creating one and making artwork for you.

Step 3. Once all your package details are confirmed, we will arrange them for printing.

Step 4. Assemble them with your lashes and ship them to you after final quality inspection.

What's the MOQ for a private label service?

The Minimum order is 100 trays(each size ≥10 trays). You will get a full range of services from our professional consultant. 

Now, contact us to start your eyelash extensions business line. 

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