The Best Individual Cluster Lashes

Our individual cluster lashes are made of soft PBT material, and the thin hot melt band, knot-free(also called flare cluster lashes), could give your clients an instant defined looking and comfortable wearing. Whether they want a simple or glam look, these cluster lash extensions are easy to create.

If you want to wholesale DIY lashes, it would be an excellent choice for you. 


Why Use Individual Cluster Lashes

  • 100% cruelty-free. Our cluster lashes wholesale are handmade with the best PBT materials in 0.05, 0.07 or 0.10mm thickness and 100% cruelty-free lashes.
  • Flat base & knot-free. Individual cluster lashes have a dainty baseline, so they applied perfectly under the lash and were very soft and comfortable on the eyes.
  • Easy to use. Cluster flare lashes are easy to pick up and apply, with no sticky residue.
  • DIY any lash style. Clients can design their lash styles with these cluster eyelashes. Try to create eyelash extensions at home with different lengths and styles depending on the occasion. That’s easy.
  • The affordable price. Do DIY lash extensions at home and not need to go to a lash salon anymore. Clients can save massive money from eyelash applications.
  • Long-lasting. Try our cluster lash glue over the one-week lash hold; do not need to remove it daily. That really save you much time on eyelash application.

Why Order Individual Cluster Lashes From Jemenow

Various Specifications

Our individual cluster lash extensions come in various types. 10D or 20D fans, 0.05, 0.07 or 0.10mm. length from 10-18mm. Could meet your different eye-look demands.

Quality Protection

We choose the best soft and black Korea PBT materials. The individual cluster lash extensions' production process is under the standard operating procedure. Besides, we offer the inspection video before shipping your lashes.

Payment Protection

We could understand that situation when you place orders from a new cluster eyelash extensions supplier, so have a 30 days return policy. You can ask a return if there is any question about lash quality.

Delivery Guarantee

You do not like working with dishonest and unpunctual cluster lash suppliers. We do not like it as well. Because we also order materials from our suppliers. We could send samples out within 24hrs. Bulk cluster lashes delivery time is up to the quantity.

Custom Package

We offer support for your lash branding. Our professional designer team could provide solutions from the logo to package design. You can quickly get your best cluster lashes brand.

Market Trend

We share the new market information about individual cluster lashes for our clients and assist in developing business through market analysis. It's also our responsibility to grow together with our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Individual Cluster Lashes

The cluster lashes will last two weeks. It will cost your clients less than a full set and takes less time at the appointment. If you are a lash supplier, recommend these cluster lashes to them. Your clients could create their lash extensions at home.

No. Our updated cluster lashes will not damage your natural lashes because they are thin, lightweight, and knot-free design. They are less weight than strip lashes and do not need much glue like thick strip lashes.

Yes, we offer free individual cluster lashes for testing quality. Just contact us to grab samples.

Yes, Jemenow has its R&D department to support any custom cluster lashes. Including the lash types, curl, length, and thickness.

We offer private label cluster lash services to cater to eyelash brand manufacturers and retailers looking to sell eyelashes under their brand.

Both individual cluster lash extensions and superfine band clusters use the same method for application.

  • STEP 1: Clean up your eyelids and curl natural lashes
  • STEP 2: Use lash tweezers to pick up one cluster from the box
  • STEP 3: Apply strip eyelash glue to the base of cluster lashes
  • STEP 4: Apply each cluster eyelash extension under your natural lashes

Use an oil remover on the cluster lash extensions. Then swipe your upper and lower lash lines gently and patiently. Brush your cluster lash extensions off from natural lashes.

You can wear mascara with cluster eyelash extensions. It would be best if you chose water-based mascara instead of the waterproof solution because it’s difficult to take off.

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