Individual Cluster Lashes-20D

Jemenow wholesales 20D ultra soft and lightweight individual cluster lashes. These cluster lashes use the best Korean PBT fiber, they are smooth and lightweight, with no extra weight to natural lashes. And the whole producing process is in a no dust workshop, they are friendly to your eyes.

20D individual cluster lashes could create a fuller and more dramatic eye look in minutes. They are the best seller lashes in 2022 and will definitely make you more money if you add these individual cluster lashes wholesale to your business line.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Knot free base
  • Super soft
  • Ultra-light
  • Hand-made
  • Easy to use
  • Middle tape

Additional information


Korea PBT fiber


10D/20D Individual cluster lashes

Production Tech

Heat bonding









Private Label




How to apply individual cluster lashes

  • STEP 1: Clean up your eyelids and curl natural lashes
  • STEP 2: Use lash tweezers to pick up one cluster from the box
  • STEP 3: Apply strip eyelash glue to the base of cluster lashes
  • STEP 4: Apply each cluster eyelash extension under your natural lashes









how to pick up individual cluster lashes



1. How long do the individual cluster lashes last?

Jemenow cluster lashes could last about 7-10 days if you care correctly.

2. Are your cluster lashes cruelty-free?

Jemenow uses faux mink material to make these beautiful cluster eyelashes, not from animals. And the manufacturing process is also cruelty-free.

3. How many individual cluster lashes do you have?

There are 10D cluster lashes and 20D cluster lashes now. They are 0.07 and 0.10mm in thickness and 8-16mm in length. If you want to customize other sizes, it’s also available.

4. I use cluster eyelash extensions for the first time. Is it easy?

We have clients who serve students; they apply efficiently and last over a week.

5. Do I need to buy the glue separately?

Yeah, it would be best if you bought cluster lash glue to match your order.

6. What’s the best glue for cluster lashes?

You can use DUO strip glue or Jemenow eyeliner.

7. What’s the difference between individual cluster lashes and premade volume fans?

The main difference is in the making process. Individual cluster lashes are heat boned at the base, while premade volume fans are usually glue bonded.

8. Individual cluster lashes will ruin natural lashes?

These cluster lashes are soft and lightweight. Suppose you use them correctly and do not wear 20D cluster lashes if your natural lashes are not thick and strong. They would not damage your natural lashes.

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