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Colored lash extensions are colored individual lash extensions. They are also Korean PBT fiber materials, just in different colors.

Mixing color lashes with black lashes could create a mesmerizing look for your clients.


Why Add Colored Lash Extension To Your Business Line?

Did you hear your clients say boring the natural lash looking, want to try some new styles?

In the beauty industry, new and different is always the key to outstanding. Colored lash extensions could create endless lash styles for your clients to make them stand out from the crowd.

And there are also some artists or dancers for a stage show. Not just for Halloween.

So you should  wholesale colored lash extensions to your business map.

Why Order Colored Lash Extensions From Jemenow?

Various Specifications

Our colored lashes come with red, pink, blue, purple, white, brown, green colors, which offer you various options when you apply lashes. The accurate diameters could help you calculate the right lash numbers when creating lash fans.

Quality Protection

We choose the best soft and black Korea PBT materials. The colored lash extensions' production process is under the standard operating procedure. Besides, we offer the inspection video before shipping your lashes.

Payment Protection

We could understand that situation when you place orders from a new eyelash extension supplier, so have a 30 days return policy. You can ask a return if there is any question about lash quality.

Delivery Guarantee

You do not like working with dishonest and unpunctual colored lash suppliers. We do not like it as well. Because we also order materials from our suppliers. We could send samples out within 24hrs. Bulk colored lashes delivery time is up to the quantity.

Custom Package

We offer support for your lash branding. Our professional design team could provide solutions from the logo to package design. You can quickly get your best colored lashes brand.

Market Trend

We share the new market information about colored lash extensions for our clients and assist in developing business through market analysis. It's also our responsibility to grow together with our customers.

Need A Custom Eyelash Package To Boost Your Lash Business?

Send us your LOGO, and advise your idea. We offer a free Mock Up till you are satisfied!

That’s all!

custom lash packages

Frequently Asked Questions About Colored Lash Extensions.

Our colored lash extensions are made of PBT fiber. They are soft and easy-to-use colored individual lashes.

We wholesale lash extensions with color. They are white lash extensions, pink lash extensions, red lash extensions, blue lash extensions, green lash extensions, purple lash extensions, and brown lash extensions.

Yes, these are vegan lashes,100% handmade and cruelty-free.


We supply 0.07mm, 0.10mm, thickness colored lashes. Lash curls in J, B, C, CC, D, L, LC, LD, M. The length is from 8mm to 25mm.


We can supply custom eyelash package boxes, printing, or sticker logo and support low MOQ for small colored eyelash extensions wholesale.

First, please provide the information that includes the thickness, curl, length, and how many lines per tray.

We will prepare lash samples accordingly, or you can test colored lash extension trays (for free) that we stored to shorten your waiting time.

Second, lash sample feedback.

Third, the bulk eyelash extensions order process, including the private label service and delivery affair.

Yes, we support the best colored eyelash extension samples for free.

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