Premade Fan Lashes: The Ultimate Guide[2022]


Eyelash extensions are increasingly popular and divided into individual lashes, easy fan lashes, premade fan lashes, YY lashes, and ellipse flat lashes for professional artists. In this article, I am glad to share with you all my knowledge about premade fans.

What are premade fan lashes?

Premade fan lashes are bonded with 2-16 lashes in perfect fans by lash extensions supplier in advance. They are created for those who do not accept volume lash training or want to improve the application efficiency and save time.


How are premade fan lashes made?

Premade fan lashes are finished at the lash factory and divided into glue bonded and heat bonded according to if root glued.

Glued bonded means the lash base is connected by a little adhesive(double-dipped), then heated for the curls.

Heat bonded means one heating process for the base and another heating process for the curls.


Glued Bonded premade fans VS Heat Bonded fans, which one is better?

We suggest Heat Bonded Premade Fans.

Premade fans are used for a volume lash application, so you have to consider the lash weight before applying them to your clients. Heat bonded lash fans are connected to the lash roots with heat instead of adhesive, so there is no extra weight on fans, thus less weight to natural lashes than glue bonded lash fans. Some people may say heat bonded is easy to fall apart because not sealed with glue. Yes, they are not stronger than glued. However, after a lot of testing from lash artists, we find the truth is that some products are not well heated at the factory. What’s more, some new artists did not correctly pick fans.

How many types of premade volume fans?

You can learn this basic information from a professional premade lash fans wholesaler.

Long stem premade volume fans have a long base and could offer you a full and dramatic eye look.

Short stem premade volume fans have a short base, cold offer you a more natural and fluffy eye look.

Point base premade volume fans have a slim and pinched base, the new and updated version, which could avoid the square lash base.

Spike premade volume fans combined 2-3 thick lashes in the middle to create the fan. The best products for a wispy lash eye look.

Colored premade volume fans are booming from 2022. They offer more options for your clients.

Pointy-base-lashes-wholesale, short-stem-premade-lashes-wholesale, long-stem-premade-lashes-wholesale

What are the pros & cons of premade fans?

There are two sides to everything, so we need to look at things from more perspectives.

Premade lash fans are no exception. Let’s see their pros and cons.


  • Time-saving
  • More income
  • No need for much time on volume lash training
  • Perfect fans


  • Price is higher than handmade lashes
  • Square base, not wrapping
  • Too heave for glued base
  • Retention is not longer than handmade lashes

Many new artists would mix premade lash fans and handmade lashes for work, and some busy salons choose to use premade lash fans instead handmade ones for some clients.

If you need more evidence to make a decision, please read another article. What’s the difference between premade fan lashes and handmade lashes?

Anyway, you can choose any lash fans according to your situation.

How to use premade fan lashes?

Here are some tips for you when you use premade fans.

  • Choose the right thickness and fans according to your client’s natural lash.
  • Apply one bunch of premade volume lash fans to one natural lash only.
  • Dip little glue. Avoid bulk glue at the base to add extra heavy.
  • Use the best tweezers and the correct way to pick up from tape.

How to pick up premade fans safely?

When you pick up long stem premade lash fans, grab from the middle of the fans, gently peel them off towards yourself, then slowly dip them into the glue.

For short stem lash fans or pointy base lash fans, grab from the base, transfer the fan on tape, pick up from the middle of the lash fan and slowly dip into the glue. Never grab from the fan tip or pull the fan directly if you do not want your fans to fall off.

How to choose lash glue for premade fan lashes?

Since premade lash fans are created in advance at the factory, there would be a base different from classic lashes. Our artists usually choose the 1-2s fast dry and high-quality bonding glue, not too much glue, instead of any extra weight too heavy to damage the natural lashes.


How to choose the best tweezers for premade volume fans?

If you use long stem premade lash fans with bottom tape, we recommend these 45-degree long, thin, mega volume lash tweezers. You can pick fans easily and effectively.

If you use short stem premade lashes or pointy base lash fans, we suggest the L shape lash tweezers-6ASA. The sharp tip could help you pick these premade lash fans quickly and also do not damage close bunch fans.


How to choose the best wholesale premade volume fans?

First, you need to know what lash set does your client want?

Different lash sets need to use different types of premade lash fans. No matter the natural, fluffy, dramatic, or wispy eyelash look, there are always options of premade lash fans for choosing.

Natural volume lash set: If your clients want a natural volume lash set, 2D or 3D short stem premade lash fans in 0.10 or 0.07mm thickness would be the best lashes.


Fluffy volume lash set: If your clients have less strong lashes(large gap), or someone wants to apply a fluffy lash set, but not extra dramatic, you can try 4D, 5D, 6D short stem lashes wide fans in 0.07 or 0.05mm thickness.


Mega volume lash set: If your clients prefer extra volume and a fluffy long lash set, then 10D, 20D short stem lashes in 0.05 or 0.03mm thickness would be the best choice.


Full and darker lash line: If you have clients who are addicted to fuller and darker eyelash line looking, 4D,5D, and 6D long stem premade lashes in 0.07mm thickness could offer stunning options.



This guide is all the basic knowledge about premade lash fans. If you are looking for a wholesale premade lash fans vendor, please contact us to get the best one-stop solution for your lash business.


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