Easy Fan Lashes: The Ultimate Guide[2022]

What are easy fan lashes?

Easy fan lashes are a new version of lashes that have been designed for volume lash extensions. These lashes could be fanning in a second, saving you over 30% time on volume eyelash application.


How are easy fan lashes made?

Easy fan lash extensions are two or three layers of individual lashes bonded together by a small amount of adhesive at the base. Generally, two layers bonded with the same length lash, and three layers in different lengths (such as 8,9,10mm), also called camellia lashes.

You can see the following video to learn how they bonded together.

Easy fan lashes VS Individual lashes

Time Saver

Easy fan lashes are time-saving tools, and also lifesavers. We all know volume lash extension, mega volume lash extensions would take over 1.5hrs to 2hrs. Honestly, that’s a luxury and expensive work and spend for both artists and customers. Because time is limited for each person, your customers could save time from the application to enjoy life when you use easy fanning lashes. You also effectively finish the job, which means higher output and better service.


More Adjustment

Not only a time saver but offering more options for your application. You can easily adjust the fan number from 2D to 16D and the fan size from narrow to wide.

They are ultra-soft, lightweight, and easy to create fabulous glamour & fluffy eye looking. Long-lasting curls and not lose root.


More Competitive

Each easy fanning lash trays have more lashes per row, but the price is not times higher.

You can serve more than six clients after using easy fan lashes than individual volume lashes.

Please see the comparison details in the below picture.

individual volume lashes vs easy fan lashes

How to use easy fan lashes?

  1. You can count the lash hairs and put your lash tweezers vertical to the tape.
  2. Pick up bundles of lashes away and put them aside on the strip.
  3. Press the boot of lashes from right to left gently to create the fan width you want.
  4. Pick up the easy fans (1/3 of the lash bundle high)to dip into the glue.

Here is the video about using easy fanning lashes to create fans.

How to choose the correct lash glue for easy fan lashes?

The most important thing you need to know for longer retention, that’s the glue. Easy fanning lashes have a wide surface root area for adhesive, so you should use instant dry glue. We suggest a 1s fast drying lash glue.

Remarks: Dip eyelash fans1.5-2mm into the glue dot. Too much or little lash glue would let the lash fan close up.


How to choose the correct lash tweezers for easy fan lashes?

Mega volume lash tweezers are the first choice. These tweezers have been curved in an L type at the tip, which allows you to pick up and grip multiple lashes to create extra volume fans.


If you are new to easy lash fans or want to pick more lashes, you may try our 6A-SA Volume lash fanning tweezers, which the 90-degree angle helps you make fans easier.


Where can I find wholesale easy fan lashes suppliers?

Jemenow is a professional vegan lash, wholesale easy fan lashes supplier. We wholesale high-quality easy fanning in 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.07mm thickness, and lengths from 7mm to 25mm.




You can also Whatsapp us for a free sample right now.

Other Questions?

Do dose easy fan lashes have good retention?

Easy fan lashes maybe not be as good as regular lashes in retention, but still hold 3-4 weeks. That’s also matched with the natural lash growth cycle. So you can let your clients come back to infill after 3 weeks.

Are easy fanning lashes safe?

Yes, they are. These lashes use the same materials as premium lash extensions, the PBT fiber(Polybutylene Terephthalate). And all the production processes are cruelty-free and vegan. No harm to your natural lash as well.

Are easy fanning lashes price high?

Not at all. When you compare premade volume lash extensions and premium individual lash extensions, you see they are more affordable under the same lash quantity.

Why are my easy fan lashes so square at the base or don’t they fan out properly?

Some lash artists find that the base of their easy fan lash is so square. That’s because you pick up too many lashes. So we suggest not over 16fans. If not fanning out properly, please see our lash fanning video above.


Jemenow is a professional easy fan lash supplier and manufacturer. We offer lash trays to lash training schools, lash brand manufacturing, lash salons, lash studios and lash artists for years. We could offer to lash private label service as well. So, if you are looking for a lash supplier, please contact us now.


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