Wispy Lashes: Everything You Need To Know.


Do you want to know how to get Kim Kardashian’s wispy eyelashes for your clients? It’s simple! All you need is a set of wispy eyelash extensions.

You can learn everything about this popular wispy eyelash extension from this post.

What are wispy lashes?

Wispy lashes (also called Kim K lashes)are created by combining spikes ( spike lashes or closed fans) and lash extension fans and are applied with different lash lengths and curls. Offer clients a fluffy lash appearance with stunning long spikes. So they are one of the most often requested lash extension sets at the lash beauty salon.

what are wispy lashes

How to create a wispy eyelash look?

There are four ways to create a wispy eyelash look:

  1. Apply a strip of wispy lashes.
  2. Use handmade eyelash extensions with spike lashes or closed fans.
  3. Use easy fan lash extensions with spike lashes or closed fans.
  4. Use spike premade lash fans.

How to create spikes?

There are two main methods:

One is to buy finished spikes from a lash supplier.


Another method is using closed fans. Artists put 2 classic lashes, or 2-6 volume closed lash fans to make a spike. Ellipse flat lash extensions are also a good option for spike creation.

Spikes are usually 2-5mm longer than classic, volume, or hybrid lashes.

How many wispy lash types are there?

You can create many wispy maps according to the lash thickness and length. Today, we here share the most common wispy lash types.

Wispy classic lashes

Wispy classic lashes are created using individual premium lash extensions with spikes. Classic lash applied to your natural lash one by one, and add 7-10 spikes per eye. Wispy classic lashes offer not only a natural but also a noticeable eye look. So it is a good choice for those who dislike classic lashes.


Wispy Volume Lashes

Wispy volume lashes combined 2-6D lash fans with closed fans. In the first layer, you can put spikes via closed fans. We suggest closed fans instead of finished spikes from the lash supplier because they would be more real and well-matched. They apply volume lash fans between spikes to add fluffy and density. Spike premade lash fans are also workable o this lash set.


Wispy Hybrid Lashes

Wispy hybrid lashes are a combination of the classic lashes and volume lashes look. This wispy lash style could offer you a thicker, fuller, and clear hierarchy eye look. You can also use spike premade lash fans to create this wispy lash set.


How do wispy lashes maps?

There are many eyelash maps, such as cat, baby doll, open eye, kitten, natural, etc. So it is necessary to customize private wispy lash maps for each client according to their eye shape and needs. But how to make it?

Firstly, you need to know where to put spikes. We suggest starting from the highest point with the longest spike, then putting the rest spikes on average(7-10 spikes per eye). The highest point can be in the middle of the eyes, at the 2/3 outer corner, or the end of the eye. The first spike lash position and length will decide your lash extension shape. Please note spike’s length should be 2-5mm longer than lash extension fans.

Secondly, prepare the lash extension fans for the fill stage. You can use individual lashes for handmade 3-6D fans or use easy fan lashes for a faster way to create fans. If your clients are in a hurry, you can also choose premade volume lash fans to finish the job within half of applying time.

Please choose the correct lash length(usually 2-5mm shorter than spikes) and curls. C and D curls are the most commonly used for wispy lash extensions.

How to do wispy lash maps

How long do wispy lashes last?

Your wispy eyelash extensions could hold 8-10 weeks if you use our long bonding ultra glue. However, lash extensions all follow the growth cycle of natural eyelashes and fall off, which means 3-4 weeks later, you need an infill service at a salon to ensure your wispy lash extensions always look perfect. But the infill service cost is much lower than the full set, so do not worry about that.

Do wispy lashes damage your natural lashes?

No, wispy lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes at all.

But please apply your wispy lashes by a licensed lash artist. And follow the aftercare tips in your daily life.

Where to buy the best wispy lashes?

If you are not good at creating wispy lash extensions, you still want to offer this service to your clients. Jemenow offer another option for you, that spike premade lash fans. We add the spikes in the middle of premade lash fans, which could solve your problems if you do not know how to create spikes and save you much time and money.

Please contact us to buy the best wispy lashes.


Wispy lash extensions are now ultra-popular, and grab this chance to attract more customers to your salon business. So please learn and mast the tech as soon as possible. If you have a problem doing these spikes, you can search for eyelash extension suppliers on Google to buy the best wispy lashes premade volume fans or spike lash trays.


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