Flat Lash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide[2022]


There is a debate in the beauty industry about ellipse flat lashes VS classic lashes. Some people swear by one, while others think the other is better. So, which one is better? Let’s take a closer look at both types of lashes and see what the differences are.

flat lash extensions vs classic lash extensions

What are flat lash extensions?

Flat lash extensions first hit the scene a few years ago and quickly became popular because they are light, soft, and long retention. Because of the curved base and oval shape, the flat lash is called ellipse flat lashes(the ellipse is an oval shape). They help lash artists make fuller and more dramatic eye looks and not add extra weight to natural lashes.

What is the difference between flat lash extensions and classic lash extensions?

The mean difference is the lash base(root). Flat lash extensions have a flattened base and oval shape, while classic lash extensions have a round base.

Flat lash extensions have a wider surface, meaning more glue bonding area than regular lashes. So you can offer longer lash retention for your clients.

Because flat lash extensions have an oval shape, they could be placed on the top and bottom of the client’s lashes. But, regular (round base) lash extensions could be touched on the side, top, and bottom of the natural lashes.

flat lashes vs classic lashes

Which one is better?

We highly recommend using flat lashes for those who do not have enough strong lashes but want dramatic and fuller lash sets.

wholesale ellipse flat lash extensions

What are the benefits of ellipse flat lash extensions?

  • Better retention: Flat lashes have an oval shape and could offer a 120 degrees touch surface, while round bases could be up to 60 degrees. Flat lashes could attach with natural lashes more firmly and keep for a long time. So the wider the bonding surface, the longer retention.
  • Less weight: Flat lash extensions are much lighter than classic lash extensions because of the curved base. Jemenow flat lashes are 70% slimmer than regular classic lashes. So you can use flat lashes to create volume and dramatic lashes without extra heaviness to your client’s natural lashes.
  • More fuller and texture: Jemenow flat lashes have split tips that help you design drama and textured lash looking, but do not damage natural lashes because of being overweight.
  • Perfect for wispy lashes: When you want to achieve a wispy eye look, flat lashes would be better than classic lashes.

Where to buy the best flat lash extensions?

If you are looking for the best flat lash extensions, Jemenow wholesale ellipse flat lash extensions in 0.15,0.20mm thickness and support you find solutions for your clients.


If you are happy to learn more details about flat lash extensions, please reach us anytime. You can find the best wholesale flat lash extensions here.


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