9 Tips On Speed Up Lash Application


Volume lashes could offer more lash extension styles to clients. So it’s popularity in recent years.

However, the volume eyelash extensions usually take artists over 2-3hrs. Lash beginners even take 4-5 hrs to finish a full volume lash set. To serve more clients in your day, you must find ways to increase your lashing speed.

So how to speed up lashing time becomes a hot question for artists. This post will share these lash extension application tips to do your lash job faster.

Prepare all in ahead.

Make sure your lash products in ready for service before the appointment. Thus you can start your job soon when your clients walk in the door. Prepare correct lash trays, fresh lash glue, primer, pre-cut lash tapes, volume lash tweezers, brush, map draft, etc. We recommend putting your lash adhesive close to the lash trays and shaking glue in ahead. Another important note is to let lash tile and stone close to the client’s face.

These things will save you time and impress clients with your preparation and organization!

Use fast-drying glue.

For volume lash extensions, it takes you more time to wait for dry. If your glue is slow to dry, you will not lash faster. We recommend the 1 second fast drying glue on these volume lashes application.

Put eye pads correctly.

Eye pads could help hold the bottom lashes and aid in isolation. It can help you produce great-quality lash extensions faster.

If they are not covered the lashes properly, they may be mixed with the upper lashes. The mass isolation work will slow your lash speed.

Prepare extra tweezers.

Please use extra pairs of disinfected volume tweezers for your lash supplies. If glue sticks to the tips of tweezers, you must remove the glue first. That will waste your time. So preparing extra lash tweezers close to you will be more efficient in the application.

Do the easiest part first.

Generally, you can finish 70% of a full lash set in 1 hr when you start from the easy part. Then you will complete the different parts without much more pressure and time.

Lash specialists start with the most complicated parts (outer or inner corners, etc.). But, your process will actually be slowed very down. Honestly, it’s not suggested for beginners.

Don’t brush a lot.

There is no need to brush after you place every lash fan. You can brush the lashes after you pour a new glue dot. Brush with a purpose.

Less Talking.

Talking lets you in multitasking status, therefore slowing your lashing speed. We believe you even stop lashing or your clients move their faces when you have been in a deep conversation with clients. Or the same clients love talking always. That’s a waste much time. Meanwhile, creating relationships with your clients is also essential. If possible, try to find the balance.

Isolate lashes faster.

One crucial fact in the eyelash extensions process is isolation. You may spend a lot of time on this part, so your lash application time takes a long. So it would be best to practice more time on lash isolation before being extremely skilled. Practice makes perfect. If you are new to volume lash extensions, much, much, much more practice…

Use easy fan lashes and premade fans.

Lash fanning takes you the most time on the whole process of application. If you want to find a way to improve this, then easy fanning lashes and premade lash fans are perfect.

Our easy fan lashes could lash faster by 30% than individual lashes. They are suitable for basic lash techs.

Premade volume fans are perfect for those who begin volume lashes or are not even trained in volume lash tech.

If you need lash suppliers to speed up your lashing time, please get in touch with us to get a wholesale eyelash extension solution.


If you want to serve more clients daily in your beauty lash salon, how to speed up lashing time tips will be necessary. If you are new to the lash industry, these lash faster leads will help you save time and money.

Hope you like these valuable tips on how to speed up your lash extension applications!


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