Ultimate Guide To Eyelash Extensions Curl Chart


Lash curls are various on the market. Different lash extension suppliers hold different curls, and lash artists also have their favorite curls.

The curls are vital when choosing lash trays from different eyelash extension manufacturers. You should always test lash curls first when looking for new lash extension vendors.

You need to know the difference between each curl and master how to choose the correct lash curls for your clients.

In this guide, you will learn all the eyelash extension curl knowledge. Thus you can choose the right lashes to create eye-looking for your clients. Let’s begin.

Learn the types of natural lash angles before choosing the correct lash curls.

Three types of natural lashes are Straight, downwards angles, and upwards angles.

Why should you learn them?

Because there is not one curl fits all eyes on eyelash extension sets. You can use the same curl for different clients, but they may look different.

Let’s look at the following case.

natural lash shape

Eyelash extensions chart: Lash curl chart.

NaturalFor straight and upwards angle natural lashesJB
DramaticFor straight and downwards angle natural lashesCCCD
Lift upFor hooded eyes, deep set eyes and droop eyesLLCLD
Straight upFor extremely downwards angle lashesM

J Curl: that suitable for clients who have straight & upwards angle lashes. This J curl lash has a small and slight curvature at the tip and lends a simple natural lash look. But, most lash artists do not use this curl now.

B Curl: the basic curl. B curl is typically used for the inner corner of the eyes and bottom lashes. Generally, mix with C curl for a texture lash design.

C Curl: one of the most popular curls. C curl lashes are suited for straight and downwards angle natural lashes. Your clients could get a wider eye without being too dramatic.

CC Curl: a curl type between C curl and D curl. If your clients do not like extra dramatic lashes, CC curl will be an alternative to D curl.

D Curl: the best choice for dramatic lash design. D curl lashes are suited for straight and downwards angle natural lashes. You can create spikes for wispy lashes via D curl.

L Curl: Like an L shape. L curl lashes are the best choice for hooded eyelids, droop, or deep-set eyes. This L lash curl could offer your clients a natural-looking lift.

L+ Curl– is also an excellent choice for hooded eyelids, droop-eyes, or deep-set eyes. This curl gives your clients a more dramatic-looking lift. Some may call them LC and LD curl, that’s C or D curl with a straight base.

M Curl– are suited to downward-angled natural lashes. These curl lashes have a flatter base with an upward curl to the tips. You can set a lift and wide eye effect for your clients.

Our eyelash extensions chart helps you show your customers more clearly about the different types of eyelash extension. You will offer better lash applications and earn more return back clients when you know how different types of lash extensions works.

How to choose the best eyelash extension curls for different eye shapes?

How many aspects do you need to consider if you want to offer a good eyelash extension to your clients?

Now, we collected all parts for you. They are the face, eye shape, preference, age, size, eyebrow shape, curls, length, thickness, types, and others.

Eyelash extension is a customized service, instead of one lash to many eyes like strip lashes. So it’s not easy to decide on what curl is the best for your clients unless you’re in the lash extensions industry for years of experience.

All you need to do for beginners is hold the rules for some eye shapes as below.

  • Hooded Eyes. For hooded eyes, the best lash extension curls are the M, L, and L+ curls(LC, LD). These lash curls have a straight base followed by a beautiful curl from the middle part of their tip.
  • Deep Set Eyes. Clients with deep-set eyes usually need a long but not extra curl to create an open-eye look set. So lashes with a long base will be the best solution for deep-set eyes. L, LC, and LD curl will be your first option.
  • Monolid Eyes. These clients usually have very straight eyelashes, so we recommend you use a mixed curl to create a multi-layer fluffy appearance. In the outer corner of the eyes, you can use B curl lashes and use L at the center of the eyes.
  • Round Eyes. If you meet clients who have Round eyes, you need to choose lash curls that can highlight natural lash curves. C, D curl will be the best. L curl is also perfect if you want to create wispy cat styles.
  • Downward Eyes. You need to create a good lift effect for this kind of eye. C, D, or L curl lashes are the best beat.
  • Close-Set Eyes. We recommend low-curl lash extensions for these sets. Go for curls like B or C when you’re applying.
  • Protruding Eyes. The opposite of deep set eyes. For this eye shape, cat eye set is the best set. You have a wide variety of curl choice started from C to D curl.
  • Almond Eyes. If your clients have these almond eyes, there are many curls for you to use. C curl lashes are great for natural full-eye looking. If clients like more dramatic, try D curl for her.

Frequent questions.

C and D are famous curls. Which curl is better?

C curl is the most common curl that suits most natural lashes. The D curl is curler than the C curl and is used for creating dramatic lash sets. They are all good for lash extensions. Hard to say which one is better, the suit one will be the best.

CC vs. D curl

The CC curl is the middle curl of the C and D curls. So it’s curler than C and not like D. The CC curl eyelash extensions could achieve dramatic lash sets, not extra drama.

How to keep the lash curl shape longer?

In general, the curlier the lash is, the shorter the retention time is because the curlier, the less base for adhesive to stick firmly to the natural lashes. That’s why longer base lashes are more popular. Also, pointy base lashes, which have a long and slim bases, are hot.

If you are looking for a supplier of pointy base premade fans, Jemenow will meet your demands.


Eyelash extensions are meant to enhance a client’s appearance. If you do not choose the right lash curls, that will cause things to turn out contrary to expectations. Knowing the type of curls in lash extensions will help you offer excellent lash extensions to clients. Please reach us to custom the best stable curl lashes for your lash brand.


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