Ultimate Lash Extension Guide: Diameter & Weight


The diameter of eyelash extensions refers to the width or thickness of one lash at the base. The diameter is in millimeters, and they are between 0.03-0.25mm. The weight is the whole lash body weight.

Choosing the right lash thickness is an essential skill in lash application. You can create the perfect lashes whenever you know how to calculate the volume lash weight. This guide will walk you through creating bespoke styles that will make you stand out in the industry.

It is essential to know the diameter and weight of the volume of eyelash extensions.

Knowing the diameter of the lashes allows you to maintain your client’s lashes healthy without damage to their natural lashes.

When you choose eyelash extensions for a volume set, you need to keep the lash diameter and weight in mind.

What’s the relationship between the lash weight and the lash diameter?

Diameter does not equal weight. Yeah, thinner diameters weigh less than thicker diameters.

Some say 2X 0.10mm lashes have the same weight as 1X 0.20mm lashes.

However, that’s not true. Why?

Our 0.10mm lash extensions weight is 0.08mg, while one 0.20mm extension weigh is 0.34mg.

Let’s see the details below.

how-to-calculate-the-lash weight

You can see a lot of negative space when you compare two 0.10mm lashes to one 0.20mm lash. That’s why two 0.10mm lashes are lighter than one 0.20mm lash.

Jemenow lash extensions weight Chart.


What’s the relationship between lash number and diameter?

They are a negative relationship. As the number of lashes increases, the diameter will decrease. As the diameter increases, the number of lashes must decrease.


How to choose the correct lash diameter for clients?

When applying volume lash extensions, you need to consider the thickness and length of the natural lash first. Because if you choose thicker lashes, that would be too heavy for their lashes and cause damage.

So keep each lash diameter face in your mind before you choose lashes on volume lash extensions.

According to your client’s natural lash diameter, you can calculate the right lash thickness for them. Thus you can offer the best lash extensions style they want.


Classic lashes

If you meet clients who want natural and straightforward lashes, classic lashes will be the best choice you should recommend to them. Generally, the thickness that works best for classic lashes is 0.10mm, 0.12mm, and 0.15mm. If you meet clients with solid and thick natural lashes, you can try 0.20mm or 0.25mm lashes. These thicker lashes are not suited for most girls. They are too thick and heavy to damage natural lashes. We usually recommend flat lashes (ellipse) to these artists because the flat lashes have a curved base that will lower 30% weight than regular round base individual lashes. Suppose you are looking for a lash supplier to classic wholesale lashes for your brand. You can click the following link to ask for a quote.

Volume lashes

Volume fans usually use 2 to 6 lash extensions, with lash diameters between 0.05 and 0.07 mm.

Russian volume eyelash extensions aim to offer a fluffy and glam look. If you want a fuller look, you need to apply more lashes. To not damage the natural lashes, you must use thinner ones. Both individual lashes and easy fan lashes are good for you, but easy fanning lashes are more competitive and save you much more time.

0.10mm=2D fan of 0.07mm=4D fan of 0.05mm

0.15mm=4D fan of 0.07mm=9D fan of 0.05mm

Mega volume lashes

Mega volume lashes are favored by those who prefer dramatic or crazy makeup. Usually, 6-18 lashes for a mega volume lash set. You can use more thin lashes to create a denser and darker look for your clients. So ultra lightweight 0.03 or 0.05mm lashes are the best choice for vast and fabulous mega volume lash collections.

We recommend easy fanning lashes because it’s hard to fan thin individual lashes with fingers. However, you can create fans via tweezers easily when you use easy fanning lashes.

00.15mm=9D fan of 0.05mm=19D fan of 0.03mm

Lash weight conversion chart

It’s still difficult for me to calculate. Want to get a more accessible chart for checking?

Here, we listed the lash weight conversation chart for you to hold.

Lash Weight Converison Chart

If you want to find private-label lash suppliers to customize your volume eyelash extensions, you are in the right place. Jemenow offers the most professional private label lash service to suit your brand.


When you know the relation between lash diameter and weight, master how to calculate them in volume fans, and you will customize any lash volume sets.

We hope this article will help you with volume lash extensions.

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