Top 7 Lash Extensions Supplies in Chicago


Whether you are new lash artists who struggle to find good lash extensions supplies or a successful lash boss who wants to expand lash salons, you must spend a lot of time and money on finding a reliable and suitable lash supplier. Today, we have collected these top 7 professional eyelash extensions supplies list for you in Chicago City. If you are looking for eyelash extensions near me on Google, please take advantage of this post.

1. Jemenow

jemenow lash supplier

Jemenow is a professional eyelash extension manufacturer and supplier. They have run an eyelash factory for over 9 years. Their turnover is 128,000 trays per month. Their main products are classic lashes, volume lashes, easy fanning lashes, flat lashes, premade lash fans, colored lashes, cluster lashes, lash glue, lash remover, lash primer, and various lash tools. They select top-quality PBT material from Korea and produce lashes under strict SOP. The five quality inspection rounds could ensure all your lashes are great for shipping. All their lash supplies are 100% cruelty-free products.

If you are looking for eyelash extensions supplies wholesale near me. No further. Jemenow will be your best choice.



THE LASHE is a time-oriented lash supplies company. Their history started in 2007. Begins to offer eyelash extensions service at the salon, with many years of lash extensions experience. They build a lash brand to wholesale eyelash extension products for lash artists.

Their lash application and aftercare products are all produced in the USA, with the highest quality standards, and also get the FDA-certified facility in the USA.

If you are looking for lash artist supplies in Chicago, search best lash extensions near me in Google, and you will find this company.

They supply Black lash extensions, Mink fur lash extensions, Fan lash extensions, Lash adhesive, lash tools, lash accessories, eyebrow products, and gel adhesive remover.

3. The Beauty Castle

The beauty castleshop

Their Lash Products are MADE by Lash Artists for Lash Artists.

The Beauty Castle is the biggest lash salon in Chicago. They have run two lash salons for years and offer lash academy courses for new lash artists.

After teaching for years and learning how many artists struggle to find a good lash brand that is high quality, reliable, & affordable… They started making their lash products because they wanted to see the joy of students and fellow artists after they tried their products.

Their artists have been using their brand lash supplies with customers for over 2 years.

Their main products: Lash adhesive, Classic flat lash trays, Handmade volume lash trays, Easy fan lashes, Premade volume fans, Lash cleaning pads, Various lash tweezers, Double lash wash, Lash extensions kit, and other lash supplies.

4. IB Eyelashes & more

IB eyelashes and more

IB Eyelashes started with lash extensions application service in 2016 and built its lash brand.

Their vision is to create a high-end environment for each client, offering Excellent service and seeking the best quality on each part. Moreover, they always give clients a very fair price for each product.

You will find premium silk lash extensions, high-quality lash adhesive, lash foam shampoo, lash primer, and gel remover at their store. All these lash supplies are 100% safe and professionally designed for lash artists.

5. Lavish Lashes

lavish lashes

Lavish Lashes was founded in 2005 by Tim and Mary Jane. Their story begins with a simple reason: Mary Jane sought longer, thicker, and more natural-looking lashes without damage.

They learned and brought eyelash extensions to the UAS from South Korea. Then lavish lashes were born in April 2005.

Lavish Lashes is the first American company to establish its standards and professional requirements, including training and certification, to ensure eyelash extensions’ quality and safe application.

Over 17 years of development, Lavish has had unbelievable success in the eyelash extensions industry. They still hold their original mission: Offer the highest quality products, comprehensive, hands-on training and certification, and marketing support to beauty professionals worldwide.

Their lash academy services include Classic lash extensions training and volume lash extensions training. If you want to upgrade your lash tech, you can visit their course to become a master lash artist.

Products: eyelash extensions-classic, eyelash extensions-volume, eyelash extensions kits, eyebrow extensions kits, adhesive, tweezers, removers, holders, patches, applicators, etc.


glam rum

GLAMRUM aims to bring luxurious eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions, and skin care products to assist beauty professional artists in achieving outstanding results.
Eyelash extensions service: Classic lashes, Hybrid lashes, Volume lashes, Mega volume lashes, Bottom lashes.
Products: pre-made volume lashes, volume eyelash extensions, flat lashes, mage volume lashes, application tools, tweezers, adhesives, and removers…



Sisters Whitney and Diamond founded PRIMA Lash & Beauty Supply in 2019. They offer eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions, and skin care services in Chicago. If you need the best lash extensions near me in Chicago, try this young and rapidly developing company. They offer a wide range of beauty products: volume eyelash extensions, classic eyelash extensions, flat eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions kit, lash glue remover, lash tweezers, lash brushes, eye pads, lash glue, lash tools, strip lashes, hair care products, skin care products, Candles & Spray, etc.


Hope this professional eyelash extension suppliers list is helpful to you. If you need private label eyelash extensions, you are welcome to contact us anytime.
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