Top 10 Lash Extension Supplies in Australia.


The eyelash extensions business has increased by two times since 2015. And thousands of lash beginners come into this industry each year. Suppose you want to open an eyelash beauty salon. In that case, you need to accept an eyelash extensions course and get the certificate, then find lash extensions supplies and test their products’ quality, price, and services one by one. The market is a mixed bag. So it would help if you struggled a lot of money and time on this sourcing jobs before finding the right one. We have collected the best 10 lash extension supplies.
This post will be a great guide if you are looking for wholesale lash extension supplies in Australia.

1. Jemenow

jemenow lash supplier

Jemenow is a professional eyelash extension manufacturer and supplier. They have run an eyelash factory for over 9 years. Their turnover is 128,000 trays per month. Their main products are classic lashes, volume lashes, easy fanning lashes, flat lashes, premade lash fans, colored lashes, cluster lashes, lash glue, lash remover, lash primer, and various lash tools. They select top-quality PBT material from Korea and produce lashes under strict SOP. The five quality inspection rounds could ensure all your lashes are great for shipping. All their lash supplies are 100% cruelty-free products.

If you are looking for lash extension supplies to grow your business. No further. Jemenow will be your best choice.



Lash V is a leading premium lash extensions supplier in Australia. Lash artists created the brand to understand what is essential when shopping for wholesale eyelash products. Their main products are premade volume fans: premade fans, premade ultra-speed, loose premade fans, and short stem premade fans.

They have supported over 10,000 lash artists to succeed. If you need a new brand as a lash extensions supplier, Lash V is an excellent choice to grow your business.

You can also find eyelash extension accessories: like lash glue, lash remover, lash cleanser, gel pad, etc.

3. Lash Jungle


Lash Jungle is a leading lash extension supplies brand in Australia. The founder, Hailey, built this brand when COVID-19 hit worldwide in 2020.

They get huge and rapidly grown over the past 3 years, and there are the most successful lash extensions Australia distributors. Because of the best quality eyelash extension products at an affordable price, they have over 20,000+ lash professionals around Australia and 3,000 5-star reviews at their online shop.

Their main products are premade fans, promade fans, eyelash glues, liquids, lash accessories, etc. They have built a warehouse in Melbourne and offer 24hrs shipping service. Lash Jungle may offer the most convenience if you need lash supplies in a hurry.

4. Locks Lash

Locks lash

Locks Lash was founded in 2007 as a small training school and retailer of lashes for students.

Derik Hayes and Jessica Brown took over as co-owners of Locks Lash In 2013. Then they began an international phase. Now, they offer lash training services in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Through a huge of hard work over the years, they have become the largest supplier of professional eyelash extension supplies in Australia!

Their main products: Glues, premade/promade fans, classic lashes, volume lashes, tweezers, eye gel pads, tools, lash extension kits…

You can also attend their training courses to update your lash techs and be your eyelash extensions beauty industry boss.


the lash store

The Lash Store was founded by Betty Derbas in 2015. They come into the lash extensions business from strip lashes, cluster lashes, and trios. Two years later, they added lash extensions supplies for professionals.

Now, they have a full range of lash products. You can find strip lashes for personal and eyelash extensions supplies for artists and salons like volume lashes, classic lashes, premade volume fans, easy fan lashes, lash tweezers, brushes, adhesives, lash primers, gel eye pads, lash pumps, and tools.

They are a reputable brand of top-quality lash products and have over 7,000 followers on Instagram. They are the choice supplier of lashes and lash extension trays and a trusted lash supplier.

If you are in NSW, Australia, search lash extension supplies near me, you will find The Lash Store.



The My Lash Store was founded in 2015 as a home base business.

They hold the mission of providing lash artists with trusted products at affordable prices all over the world. And they have shocked their lash products for fast shipping. So they get an excellent reputation and grow fast in few years.

Those rules helped them from a humble home business into a worldwide retailer and trusted industry leader by 30,000 customers across Australia and Worldwide.

Their main products are premade fans, long stem premade fans, short stem premade fans, silk lashes, mink lashes, rapid promade lashes, rapid volume lashes, ellipse flat lashes, colored lashes, adhesive and liquids, lash extension kits, tweezers and tools.

Their mission is to make your business better.

7. Diamond Lash Supplies


Diamond Lash Supplies are the biggest range, and one-stop shop lash extensions supplies wholesale store in Australia.

Crystal- the founder of this brand, is super addicted to beauty products, such as eyelashes and brows. All their lash products are tested on her eyes. You can trust their products for safe usage.

Main products: premade, glues, tweezers, classic lashes, 3D premade fans, 4D premade fans, 5D premade fans, 10D premade fans, easy fan lashes, colored lashes, YY lashes, spikes, classic flat lashes, adhesives, eyelash kits.

She is super obsessed with all things beauty, particularly eyelashes and brows. I am incredibly passionate about customer service and bringing you the most excellent products from all over the globe! You can feel safe using my products knowing everything we sell has been personally tested on my own eyes!

8. Melbourne Lash & Beauty Supplies

Melbourne lash supplies

Melbourne Lash & Beauty Supplies is a leading supplier of all things lash extensions & beauty products in Australia. This brand is created by Belle, who has 14 years of experience in the beauty industry.

They have personally tested all lash products before launching them to clients. You will get the best lash extension supplies from Melbourne.

They stock all lash extension supplies for professionals, like volume eyelashes, classic eyelashes, premade lash fans, flat lashes, adhesive, primer, remover, tweezers, waxing, tanning, tinting, brow dye, lash lifting, brow lamination products! You can collect all lash supplies for your lash salon business.

They also run eyelash extension training courses and eyebrow & facial waxing courses. If you want to find reliable eyelash extension training courses near me to update your level or add other beauty services to the salon, you can try them.



Joy Crossingham founded LashJoy in 2015. They offer high-quality lash extension supplies wholesale, training courses, and business solutions for 12,000 lash artists all over the world.

They are also officially regarded among the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Australia.

The founder of LASHJOY is a lash master with nearly 15 years of experience in lash beauty. You can trust this lash master to be your lash extensions sourcing guide.

Their main products are faux mink lashes, volume lashes, classic lashes, flat lashes, easy fanning lashes, pre-made volume fans, pro-made volume fans, lash extension kits, adhesives, liquids, tweezers, and tools.



Lash House is a one-stop online shop for lash extensions supplies in Australia. They started wholesale eyelash extensions in 2010 and have become a leading Australian lash supplier.

They source premium eyelashes from Korea and stock all lash supplies in a warehouse, so you have a 24hrs shipping service from this brand. They also support a 30 days return policy on unused products.

Their main products: silk eyelash extensions, mink eyelash extensions, pre-fanned volume lashes, loose eyelash extensions, glue, remover, tweezers, and all tools.


We spent a lot of time to source and verifying one by one from numerous brands. Finally, we collected these 10 lash suppliers that are the tops in Australia.

Hope you will find the right vendors from this lash extensions supplies list.


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