What lash extension supplies should you use for hybrid eyelash extensions?

lash supplies for hybrid lashes

Hybrid eyelash extension is a mix of classic eyelashes and volume eyelashes. That means you have more options to offer fluffy and texture styles for clients. So what lash extension supplies should you prepare for this lash set?

As it’s a mixture of classic and volume, you will need to prepare both lash supplies.

The Volume Lashes

A hybrid lash set will be the first choice if clients look for charming lashes but not too dramatic. Please choose only a few lashes to create fans. We suggest you use 0.07mm volume lashes for 3D fans or 0.05mm volume eyelashes for 5D fans.

The Classic Lashes

0.15mm lashes are a great balance to 0.07mm volume lashes. However, on hybrid lash sets, they are better balanced with 3D fans in 0.07mm volume. If you prefer larger fans, such as 5D fans, you could think about 0.18 lashes or 0.20 flat lashes.

 Pro tip! If your clients want wispy lashes, please remember to choose classic lashes that are 2-3mm longer than volume fans.

The Adhesive

You can use stand adhesive for hybrid lashes. Our premium glue is suited to classic and volume lashes. Please try our premium glue if you need the correct lash glue.

One secret tip from our lash master is that you can hold two glue cups on hand if you apply classic lashes faster than volume lashes. If you’re only slightly faster on classics. You can use primer on lashes to speed up the glue.

The Tweezers

Hybrid lashes are mixed, so you can prepare three pairs of tweezers. Straight tweezers, isolation tweezers, and volume tweezers.

If you’re looking for a kit with a bit of everything, please get in touch with us to customize your eyelash extensions kit. You will work easily and fast for hybrid lash extensions via our lash supplies.


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