Top 5 Eyelash Extension Suppliers In Canada


This article lists the top 5 eyelash extension suppliers in Canada and some key information about each supplier. You will find all information on their product offerings, training programs, and other relevant details. Whether you’re a professional lash artist looking to stock up on lash supplies or just someone interested in the eyelash extensions industry, this list has something for everyone.



Jemenow is a professional lash extension supplier from China with over nine years of manufacturing experience. They wholesale quality eyelash extensions to salons, academies, home-based businesses, and distributors in Canada. They wholesale premium lash extensions, fast fanning lashes, Ellipse flat lashes, premade volume fans, colored lashes, Lash lift kits, Lash glue, primer, remover, and various lash tools. Their top-quality easy fan lashes wholesale and premade fans wholesale are trendy among salons and lash technicians in Canada. If you want to finish a Russian volume or mega volume lash, these two kinds of lash trays are the best for you.

If you’re looking for a reliable lash extension wholesaler with stable quality and timely service, look no further than Jemenow.

2.Lashforever Canada


Lashforever Canada is a leading eyelash extension wholesale supplier and related products wholesaler in Canada. The company was founded in 2012 by Lauren. They offer a variety of eyelash extension supplies, brows, training programs, and certifications to help professionals master the art of eyelash extensions.

3.Sugarlash PRO

sugar lash pro

Sugarlash PRO was born in 2015 and quickly became a famous band for eyelash extensions in Canada. They offer eyelash extensions, lash lifts, tools, and academy courses. Now, you can find their lash products in more than 35 countries. They wholesale and distribute classic lashes, volume lashes, mega volume lashes, lash tweezers, lash adhesives, lash cleansers, lash primers, lash removers, lash pads, brushes, and lash & brow lifts.

4.Bella Lash Canada

bellalash canada

Bella Lash Canada is a leading supplier of eyelash extensions in Canada. They were founded in 2011 by Zach & Haley. They offer a wide range of lash extensions, adhesives, tweezers, and other accessories. In 2107, their lash academy was founded. They start offering skills to students to support them in becoming professional lash artists. Bella lash always takes aspiring to lash professionals and turns them into confident, successful, and beautiful business owners.



A couple with a negative bank account situation founded Livbaycanada. Now, they are a professional eyelash extensions wholesale in Canada. You will find high-quality lash extensions, premade fans, eyelash glue, adhesive, primer, remover, classic lashes, volume lashes, mega volume lashes, easy fans, color lashes, and various tools for application. The lash lift is hot now. They also offer top-rated lash lift kits for professionals.

Anyway, their story is fantastic. They started from a house and became an eight-figure company with four salons, a warehouse, a strong supply line, and online education.


These top 5 eyelash extension suppliers in Canada offer a wide range of products and services, including lash extensions, adhesives, tweezers, lash lift kits, and training programs. Choosing eyelash extension vendors that offer high-quality products and excellent customer service is vital to ensure the best possible results for your clients. This wholesale eyelash suppliers list will guide you and save you time and money on lash wholesale sourcing.


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