10 Eyelash Extensions Manufacturers Suppliers Wholesalers In UK Are Amazing

10 Eyelash Extensions Manufacturers Suppliers Wholesalers In UK Are Amazing

High-quality lash extensions or reliable eyelash extensions suppliers could help you get more clients back and let your eyelash business succeed. But the process is challenging when you start the sourcing job.

Today, we have collected the 10 best lash extension brands in the UK market for your reference.

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Source: https://jemenow.com/

Jemenow is a professional eyelash extensions manufacturer in China with nine years of factory experience. They wholesale various eyelash extensions:

  • Individual lashes
  • Easy fanning lashes
  • Ellipse flat lashes
  • Colored lashes
  • Premade volume fans
  • Cluster lashes

They run an OEM & ODM lash factory so that we can meet multiple customized demands fast. Besides, all their lash extensions are vegan products and are 100% cruelty-free.

They wholesale various eyelash extensions to lash artists, home salons, beauty spas, training schools, and eyelash extension distributors all over the world.

They support private label service with small MOQ, if you are new to the eyelash industry, it’s a good supporter for your business.


Source: https://lashbase.co.uk/

LASHBASE is the biggest eyelash extension supplier in the UK. Julie Butler found this lashes brand in 2009.
In the beginning, Julie had a problem finding quality lash extension products on the market, and lash prices were also ridiculously high. So she decided to search and source her eyelash extensions, and LASHBASE was born. Over ten years of development, she has built the multi-million-pound lash empire business.
They also offer lash training services for those who want to start an eyelash extensions business in the UK.



London Lash was founded in 2014 (first called Lady Lash) by Hanna Putjato. Now, it’s a worldwide eyelash extensions supplier. They provide top-rated quality lash extensions to lash artists. Their story started that Hanna had received various demands from her students when starting their lash careers. She decided to create her lashes for them and invested £8,000 in sourcing eyelash products and tools. Over the years, with ups and downs, London Lash is from London Town to the rest of the world. Today, London lash has 40 employees and 50 partners worldwide, and they still keep going.

4. Lash Perfect

Source: https://lashperfect.co.uk/

Lash Perfect was founded in 2006 by Beverly Piper. They offer lash extensions, brow treatments, and training. They insist on offering the finest quality lash products with the best possible ingredients, providing the best eyelash extensions training courses. That helps them gain a good reputation quickly.
After the successful experience of the Lash Perfect brand, they also build two brands: Brow Perfect and Hi Brow. They wholesale lash extensions and bows into over 35 countries worldwide.

5. Kalentin

Source: https://www.kalentin.co.uk/

Kalentin started with chemical products 50 years ago in Italy, then focused on cosmetic products in the early 90s. Such as makeup, skincare, and nails. In 2013, they launched lashes and brow products. Now, Kalentin is a leader in the lash industry. They aim to offer less plastic, less waste, and animal-friendly lash products, tools & training courses for lash artists and beauty salons.
They keep researching and improving their formulas until they reach exceptional results. They have an Italian laboratory and are dedicated to producing effective and safe lashes.
They have built a worldwide sales system via the website and developed lash wholesale distributors in the UK, Canada, and India.

6. Lash Dolls UK

Source: https://lashdollsuk.co.uk/

Lash Dolls UK was founded in 2018. They start with a mission to offer the best eyelash extensions at an affordable price. Over the years of development, they have become a leading eyelash extension supplier in the UK and provide lashes worldwide.
Talented and skilled workers design their lash products, and all are tested in-home salons before being launched on the market. They could serve 100 lash clients per week and make sure all the lash extensions on their website are passed their testing process.
Tried, tested, and true, that is their guarantee!

7. Eyeluv Lashes

Source: https://www.eyeluvlashes.co.uk/

Eyeluv Lashes company is a leading eyelash extension, lash lift & brow lamination products supplier in the UK. They come from the Kent eyelash training. All their lash extensions, lash lift, and brow products are tested at their salon and training course.
You get silk easy fan lashes, individual lashes, premade volume lashes, lash glue, lash remover and lash tools.

8. The Eyelash Emporium

Source: https://eyelashemporium.com/

The Lash Emporium is a lash training studio that sells eyelash extension trays online.
Their eyelash extension trays are long-lasting and high-performing. What’s more, you can buy these lash extensions at an affordable price.
If you want to start an eyelash extension career, you can check if their training courses are correct for you.

9. Eyelash Excellence

Source: https://eyelashexcellence.com/

Eyelash Excellence was born in 2014. Frankie Widdows built this brand in Kent, UK.
Now, they are the #1 eyelash extensions, eyelash courses, and eyelash extension glue supplier in the UK.
All their eyelash products and training courses are at an affordable price with excellent quality. Their eyelash extension glue is made in the UK because they believe safety is the most important thing. This is why their products sell very well around the world. So you can buy these lash extensions and courses with 100% assurance.

10. Noble Lashes

Source: https://noblelashes.co.uk/

Noble Lashes is the best eyelash extensions manufacturer brand in the UK market. They keep supplying the highest quality eyelash extensions to clients, retaining their reputation in the eyelash extensions and beauty industry.
All their lash products are environment friendly. They hold the words: as a top-level award-winning company that is constantly giving back. So they reduced plastic consumption by using paper boxes instead of plastic trays.


If you are looking for a professional eyelash extensions manufacturer/supplier/wholesaler in the UK market, we hope this guide could offer support to you. You can contact us to get the best one if you do not want to read them one by one.


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